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We provide you with all the services you need to succeed in your project (design and technical office; creation of products; feasibility studies; pre-press), A 100% MANAGED ‘ONE STOP SHOP’

Our services

Design and Technical office

With all the expertise of our teams at your disposal this stage of the process is critical before starting production:

  • Ecodesign
  • Designer
  • Modeller

Carries out feasibility studies for all projects in order to propose the optimal solutions.


Traditional screen printing (a technique still in use by our company).

Today, we own one of the largest digital printing machine parks in France.

France Relance support BMA in its investments.


Specialising in marquetry, cutting and folding:

  • 3 Esko cutting tables
  • 1 connector board
  • 5 automatic folders
  • 1 Maka 5-axis robot
  • 1 double-sided installation robot
  • 1 glue-laying robot


The kitting of your POS may take different forms depending on your strategy and distribution network.


Our packaging is systematically designed to measure your POS to minimise space and is systematically sealed with FSC-certified solvent-free craft tape.


Messaging, express transport, Chronopost, DHL or UPS depending on the working deadline of the project.


Our teams work throughout the entire French and European network. We work on 2 types of services:

Retail (merchandising markup)

Coverings (stickers on vehicles, vending machines, elevators, buses, trains, shop fronts,  etc.)

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