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Your communication – now environmentally friendly

Our CSR commitments

Ethics & Social

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  • Tiers responsable - Certification bronze Provigis

Compliance with Safety & PPE Standards:

Zero accident vision

Compliance with GDPR standards, for 

the protection of personal data.

Training of personnel on all of our tools, software & machines.

ESAT partnership.

• Member of the “Circul’r” and “la Fabrique” communities : our objective is to combat climate change in an effective way.

COP 21 report

The BMA’s code of ethics

Provigis Bronze Certificate

Sustainable development

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“Imprim’Vert” (Green’Print)

Wrap removal (CTS system),

PVC/Gelatine removal and development chemistry,

98% of screen-prints are guaranteed solvent-free

Heavy metals-free

FSC/PEFC certification

Replacement  of plastic tape with

paper tape.

Reduction of carbon footprint through  100% French production.

Our factory is based in Amiens within 100km of major French/European logistics networks  This improves our responsiveness and limits the carbon footprint associated with delivery.

• Printing on recycled and recyclable materials.

Local Material Suppliers.

• Investment in low-consumption and renewable energy.

• Rainwater harvesting for sanitary facilities.

• Wastewater recovery related to printing

and reprocessing.

• Recovery, recycling and offcut recovery for reuse

 waste sorted by category.


  • Logo Matière naturelle 100% compostable à base de canne à sucre

Choice of POS according to your needs.

• Alternatives to materials which damage the environment.


Natural material, GMO free, 100% compostable, 100% recyclable, available in plate or coil for thermoforming.

Recycled and recyclable plastic.

• Proposal for alternative materials to

facilitate the sorting of the POS.

• Weight optimisation of the POS to contribute to carbon footprint reduction.