Project management & commercial monitoring


Our experienced sales team follows the Project monitoring, from brief to installation. Surrounded by graphic designers, engineers and production teams, your dedicated contact will guide you to the right technical solutions (materials, printing mode, shaping …) and will ensure the perfect progress of the technical study and production.

Integrated customer relationship managment (CMR) Tool.

This CRM tool is available to customers in order to follow the progress of each order in real time, throughout its execution. Archiving of files.

The BMA cloud a source of inspiration at your service

Our sales force sets up a directory of images throughout the project. This sharing of experiences and ideas effectively presents each need, through practical applications. These examples inspire by their creativity and their technicality, your future project.

BMA Gestion de projet et suivi commercial

Retail: analysis & expertise

Vue à 1 mètre BMA
Vue à 10 mètres BMA
Vue à 5 mètres BMA

Consumers are increasingly looking for personalization, quality of support and immediacy. It is essential to find the right balance between the demonstration spaces and those dedicated to sales.

Tools to analyze the shopper journey : Our teams carry out audits, customer journeys, analyzes of attendance and look-through times, in order to offer you relevant solutions.

At 1 meter:  : I highlight the brand. I put my product in front / showcase. Product and brand focus.

At 5 meters : I guide the shopper in the shelf. I present the offer and detail the segmentation..

At 10 meters : I attract the shopper on the shelf. I am recruiting new clients. I present the brand.


Connected digital solutions : creation of connected POS, digital terminal covers, integrated interactive solutions, etc.

Surprising & bright volumes : 360 ° thermoforming and intelligent LED lighting solutions to make your brand special, guiding the consumer to your brand.


Design & innovation office

Our design office is made up of technicians dedicated to the realization of technical plans and tailor-made prototypes.

R&D / Annnual innovation programm

Our technicians are constantly proposing new supports and designs to suggest ever more innovative solutions, responding to the majority of requests for mass distribution.

Tailor made creation

  •      2D / 3D formatting of your project. This step is the basis of the technical file when the project requires it. Based on our experience, we only present technically viable creations.
  • Presentation of the technical project by the sales team on the chosen medium, based on the creation file validated by you.
  • Step-by-step back-planning of your project.
BMA design et innovation
BMA design et innovation